Nito Seiki Mfg. Corp. offers the reliability and cost efficiency of CNC machining for small production runs or to achieve closer tolerances. Whether it's an order of 500 or 500,000 pieces, our process control insures consistent quality throughout the run.


Experience with different materials means flexibility. We're very accustomed to working with stainless steel and exotic materials as well as aluminum, brass, titaniums, alloys and plastics.


Nito Seiki Mfg. Corp. is a diversified company. We are in automotive, motorcycles, industrial, electronics, and semi-conductors. Our policy ensures the stability of a long term relationship with a company. From stainless steel parts to the close tolerance work for the semi-conductor industry, Nito Seiki Mfg. Corp. remains committed to continuing to meet the challenges of industry as its needs and requirements change.

Quality Assurance

The company maintains and consistently advocates for highest quality. It upholds the dictum that there is no substitute for Quality Products. Manifestations of this primordial tasks being made for Quality is the company’s investment of more than $0.5M in its advanced Quality Control laboratory, and the installation of the best equipments available in the market. Likewise, investments are remarkably well made in manpower development. The company employs certified metrologist that maintains, and calibrates its smallest tools. It boasts of having one of the most fully equipped testing facilities in the country using the latest equipments available in the market, such as but not limited to: CMM (Full Scan), Profile Projector, Optical Scanner, Hardness Tester, Coatness thickness tester, Ph meter, Surface roughness testers, gages blocks, chamfer gages, and thread gages. Moreover, the company detailed a Department dedicated to ensuring all the customers’ specific quality requirements are met. Quality is prime labeled as NITO SEIKI’s utmost corporate duty.

On Time Delivery

All orders are tracked by our ERP software. We monitor everything from start to finish. We're able to change priorities immediately to accommodate our customers' needs.

Shipping and Packaging

Nito Seiki Mfg. Corp's commitment to service is evident in the shipping department, where customer needs are top priority. Parts are cleaned, then carefully packaged to keep dirt and moisture out. All orders receive protective packaging after completion and are stored safely until shipment. Each container is clearly labeled with all important information to identify the contents. Bar coded labeling is also available for your receiving department. We also offer assembly and final packaging at the customer's request.