Major breakthroughs started for the Philippine industries when comprehensive Development Programs of government saw its take-off in the 70’s. Growths in capacities and in the number of players in the industries happened within the decade that followed, setting a record of remarkable industry performances made in terms of increases in production and sales volumes. During the robust years of 1990’s, one among outstanding companies that thrived thru with remarkable humble beginnings is NITO SEIKI MANUFACTURING CORPORATION.

The company got its name from Nito, adopted from Benito, its founder who made major influence in the successful formation of the venture and its creative performance during the start up period. He espoused a vision for the company to be, a “One Stop Shop” machining center. Seiki, which means precision in Japanese, was adopted to complete the vision of a precision machine shop that can provide utmost quality in its products and services, supported with a comprehensive product development process.

After its inception in 1994, NITO SEIKI underwent unprecedented upscales in operational growth and improvements. Its milestones are:

1996 – In a mere span of two years after it was founded, the company diversified its operations, and put up a department solely to handle the management and control of all Material requisites of its operation. This department pivoted the vital part of the company’s growth, to have a competitive edge in price and quality of its production raw materials;

2000 – At the start of the Century, driving for recourse measures that will address the slowdown of demands in the Replacement Market due to dramatic lowering of prevailing prices at that time, the company ventured into various new fields of manufacturing- a daring business endeavor ever launched that broadened its capacity to supply goods and services in composite fields of: telecommunication, electronics and semi-conductor, agricultural and marine products; more industrial requisites such as dies and molds, hardware, fasteners; and even linkage to health industry needs in medical and dental equipments;

2001 –The company established a Power Press Department, a wise organizational move, aimed of selling all other investments in other companies and consolidating all the company’s assets toward optimizing operational efficiency in its goal to have a “One Stop Shop mode of operation”

2003 – The birth of OEM motorcycle sector business for the company. NITO SEIKI started serving the OEM two-wheel vehicle assemblers and also their major suppliers in the first tier chain. The supplies of the company were indirectly exported to North America and European countries.

2004 - Supply to OEM four-wheel vehicle assembler started, the first was Mitsubishi Motors Philippines. The challenge was overcome; the company strategically found itself competing in the ASEAN region for its exported machined parts and components.

2006-2007 – NITO SEIKI was certified for ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. After joining the Export Development Program in Netherlands, it envisioned to make direct exports of its quality products to Western Europe, participating the AutoMechanica Fair and Exposition in Germany in 2006 and in Mideast, France in 2007.

2008 to 2011 – NITO SEIKI was certified to Quality Management Standards of ISO 9001:2008. During this period, massive campaign geared for further expansions were staged, more capacity buildings were done and wider export horizons were tapped that considerably increased the company’s exports. Investments in upbeat scales ranging from modest to heavy characterized the company’s undertakings in the acquisition of properties, machineries and of other companies as well. NITO SEIKI bought out three other precision machining companies that specialized in different machining technologies. The unprecedented result is the company’s enormous increase in capacity of more than 1000% over its expansion record of 1994. More than 70 CNC Machines and counting…

Charting Future Strategic Directions

The company embarks on a continuing journey of growth and development with a vision to fulfill maximum performance capability with having 100 CNC machines by 2015. It will entail a Full 5 Axis capability, adopt Robotic Welding Technology, and use of innovative CNC grinding machines. These several operational upgrading modes and pioneering adaptations, plus the advantageous acclaim of having laboratory certification to ISO 17025, undoubtedly will launch NITO SEIKI to be the most advanced CNC Machine Company in the Philippines. Onwards thru the years, the company shall acquire:

Aerospace and Semi conductor industries became the top target markets also of the company in soonest years to come.

Currently, program is underway to be able to be AS9100 certified by 2012; and ISO14000 by 2013.